Jonathan Donadonibus

Of Counsel

Degree in Business Administration from LIUC – Università Cattaneo and Master in Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi. He started his career as researcher and professor of corporate finance;  he has been carrying out such activity for over 12 years at Varese University and with several major Italian Business Schools. In parallel to the academic activity he has acquired  intense professional experience as consultant/ advisor first, then as temporary manager, both in finance and management.
Thanks to numerous experiences in small and medium-sized enterprises, mostly family businesses , he has gained a deep understanding of their management dynamics. His professional background has grown through his working closely with CEOs and general managers, also supporting them, even holding their position on some occasions.
He has cooperated with economic newspapers, both national and local.


Aree di competenza

  • Finanza d’impresa
  • Gestione tesoreria
  • Equity e debt advisory
  • Business planning
  • Consulenza strategica


Italiano, Inglese


02 6551817