History, tradition and innovation

Our law firm is founded on our history. It would be impossible to talk about the present Studio Bertolli & Associati, without starting from its roots, dating back to 1950. The values on which we have based our work since then are the legacy that Modesto Bertolli, the founder of our law firm, left us together with his name. His life, his energy and his strength inspire us in our daily work.
This is a story we tell with pride: we know we have inherited an important gift, which gives us the responsibility of preserving this high-quality tradition. While respecting this same tradition, we strive to innovate the present and we are open to any future opportunities.
(Read Cav. Modesto Bertolli’s biography)



Combining our sound tradition and well-established values with a constant strive to technological and professional innovation.

This is the aim we share and pursue daily, so as to offer clients innovative and added-value services